Dairy Free 21-Day Challenge

Have you ever thought about giving up dairy? Not forever (well, unless you really, really wanna) but for just a little bit?

I love cheese. LOVE it. Could take a bath in it. I enjoy finding a little cafe where I can sit and order a cheese plate complete with olives and almonds (and gluten-free baguette in my dream world) so I can have my own French-themed picnic. Heaven.

Apparently, I’m not alone. In 2009, Americans consumed an average of 32.8 pounds of cheese that year.

That’s per american.

That’s a lot of cheese.

I love and follow Ashley Borden, she’s a celebrity trainer and lifestyle consultant in Los Angeles. One thing she says over and over to her followers is to try giving up dairy, even if it’s just for a few days. She asks her #RollingOutRevolution (those are her peeps!) to take note of how their body reacts and see for themselves at the end of 11 days (her recommended time to try going dairy-free) how they feel.

Meet Ashley Borden - She's super-kickass and DAIRY FREE!! ;) Get to know her at www.ashleyborden.com
Meet Ashley Borden – She’s super-kickass and DAIRY FREE!! 😉 Get to know her at http://www.ashleyborden.com

As 2014 takes off, and my resolutions with it, it was fitting I heard about So Delicious hosting a 21-Day Dairy Free Challenge. I decided last week…”Screw it. I’m giving this a shot.” After all, 21 Days is not a long time in the big picture.


Starting tomorrow, the challenge begins. I know I’m taking it, and I hope some of you will, too. I’ll be looking around this week for recipes that are not only gluten-free, but dairy free as well that I can share with you guys!


Take the So Delicious 21-Day Dairy Free Challenge!
Take the So Delicious 21-Day Dairy Free Challenge!